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Mercadante,Mercier,Mertz,Methfessel,Metra,Meyerbeer,Michaelis,Miguez,Millocker,Mills,Molinaro,Molino,Molloy. 18 compositions.

La serenata del marinaro - AE

Thumb image for La serenata del marinaro

Composer : Mercadante

Instrument : Vocal


Variations Mignonnes - AE

Thumb image for Variations Mignonnes

Composer : Mercier

Instrument : Piano


Adagio - NE

Thumb image for Adagio

Composer : Mertz

Instrument : Guitar


Andante - NE

Thumb image for Andante

Composer : Mertz

Instrument : Guitar


Lovesong - NE

Thumb image for Lovesong

Composer : Mertz

Instrument : Guitar


An die Laute - AE

Thumb image for An die Laute

Composer : Methfessel

Instrument : Vocal


Valse des roses - AE

Thumb image for Valse des roses

Composer : Metra

Instrument : Flute


Huguenots Romance - AE

Thumb image for Huguenots Romance

Composer : Meyerbeer

Instrument : Organ


Schwerterweihe aus Hugenotten - AE

Thumb image for Schwerterweihe aus Hugenotten

Composer : Meyerbeer

Instrument : Piano


L Etoile du Nord - AE

Thumb image for L Etoile du Nord

Composer : Meyerbeer

Instrument : Vocal


The Turkish Patrol - AE

Thumb image for The Turkish Patrol

Composer : Michaelis

Instrument : Accordion


Carrilhao - CE

Thumb image for Carrilhao

Composer : Miguez

Instrument : Harp


Tarantelle aus Gasparone - AE

Thumb image for Tarantelle aus Gasparone

Composer : Millocker

Instrument : Piano


Cakewalk - AE

Thumb image for Cakewalk

Composer : Mills

Instrument : Piano


Pass e mezzo - NE

Thumb image for Pass e mezzo

Composer : Molinaro

Instrument : Guitar


Sonatina Opus 6 - AE

Thumb image for Sonatina Opus 6

Composer : Molino

Instrument : Guitar


In the gloaming - AE

Thumb image for In the gloaming

Composer : Molloy

Instrument : Piano


Love s old sweet song - AE

Thumb image for Love s old sweet song

Composer : Molloy

Instrument : Piano


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