Langer,Lanner,Lasso di,Lasson,Laurens,Lavignac,Le Roux,Leclair,Lee,Lemmens,Leoncavallo,Lepage,Letocart,Lewis,Libert,Liliuokalani. 18 compositions.

Christmas Bells - AE

Thumb image for Christmas Bells

Composer : Langer

Instrument : Piano


Napolitaner Walzer - AE

Thumb image for Napolitaner Walzer

Composer : Lanner

Instrument : Piano


Praeambulum - NE

Thumb image for Praeambulum

Composer : Lasso di

Instrument : Órgão


Praelude - AE

Thumb image for Praelude

Composer : Lasso di

Instrument : Órgão


Crescendo - AE

Thumb image for Crescendo

Composer : Lasson

Instrument : Piano


Valse - NE

Thumb image for Valse

Composer : Laurens

Instrument : Flauta


Galop Marche - AE

Thumb image for Galop Marche

Composer : Lavignac

Instrument : Clarineta


Menuet - NE

Thumb image for Menuet

Composer : Le Roux

Instrument : Trompete


Gavotte in E Minor - AE

Thumb image for Gavotte in E Minor

Composer : Leclair

Instrument : Piano


Gavotte in D Major - AE

Thumb image for Gavotte in D Major

Composer : Leclair

Instrument : Piano


Etude Allegro moderato - AE

Thumb image for Etude Allegro moderato

Composer : Lee

Instrument : Cello


Invocation a la Muse - AE

Thumb image for Invocation a la Muse

Composer : Leoncavallo

Instrument : Piano


Elevation - AE

Thumb image for Elevation

Composer : Lepage

Instrument : Órgão


Piece pour harmonium - NE

Thumb image for Piece pour harmonium

Composer : Letocart

Instrument : Órgão


Choral - AE

Thumb image for Choral

Composer : Letocart

Instrument : Órgão


Andantino - AE

Thumb image for Andantino

Composer : Letocart

Instrument : Órgão


Cantabile in D Major - AE

Thumb image for Cantabile in D Major

Composer : Libert

Instrument : Órgão


Aloha Oe - NE

Thumb image for Aloha Oe

Composer : Liliuokalani

Instrument : Violino


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