Paisiello,Purcell,Rubio,Schumann,Suppe von,Thomas,Verdi. 7 compositions.

Nel cor piu non mi sento - NE

Thumb image for Nel cor piu non mi sento

Composer : Paisiello

Instrument : Trumpet


Suite in D_Minuet - NE

Thumb image for Suite in D_Minuet

Composer : Purcell

Instrument : Trumpet


Mexican Hat Dance - NE

Thumb image for Mexican Hat Dance

Composer : Rubio

Instrument : Trumpet


Little Romance - NE

Thumb image for Little Romance

Composer : Schumann

Instrument : Trumpet


Light Cavalry - NE

Thumb image for Light Cavalry

Composer : Suppe von

Instrument : Trumpet


Zehner march - NE

Thumb image for Zehner march

Composer : Thomas

Instrument : Trumpet


Triumphal March - NE

Thumb image for Triumphal March

Composer : Verdi

Instrument : Trumpet



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