Haydn,Lee,Liliuokalani,Ocki-Albi,Oesten,Offenbach,Purcell,Romberg,Saint-Saens,Schubert,Schumann,Schytte,Tartini,Telemann,Tellier,Thaler. 18 compositions.

Piano Trio Cantabile - NE

Thumb image for Piano Trio Cantabile

Composer : Haydn

Instrument : Cello


Etude Allegro moderato - AE

Thumb image for Etude Allegro moderato

Composer : Lee

Instrument : Cello


Aloha Oe - NE

Thumb image for Aloha Oe

Composer : Liliuokalani

Instrument : Cello


Intermezzo - NE

Thumb image for Intermezzo

Composer : Ocki-Albi

Instrument : Cello


Andante - NE

Thumb image for Andante

Composer : Oesten

Instrument : Cello


Etude Op 78 Moderato - AE

Thumb image for Etude Op 78 Moderato

Composer : Offenbach

Instrument : Cello


Siciliano - NE

Thumb image for Siciliano

Composer : Purcell

Instrument : Cello


Etude Poco allegretto - AE

Thumb image for Etude Poco allegretto

Composer : Romberg

Instrument : Cello


Danse Macabre - NE

Thumb image for Danse Macabre

Composer : Saint-Saens

Instrument : Cello


German Dance Op 33 No 14 - NE

Thumb image for German Dance Op 33 No 14

Composer : Schubert

Instrument : Cello


Serenade (Standchen) - NE

Thumb image for Serenade (Standchen)

Composer : Schubert

Instrument : Cello


Kinderszenen_Child falling asleep - NE

Thumb image for Kinderszenen_Child falling asleep

Composer : Schumann

Instrument : Cello


Berceuse - NE

Thumb image for Berceuse

Composer : Schytte

Instrument : Cello


Sarabande - NE

Thumb image for Sarabande

Composer : Tartini

Instrument : Cello


Adagio - NE

Thumb image for Adagio

Composer : Telemann

Instrument : Cello


Tristesse d Amour - NE

Thumb image for Tristesse d Amour

Composer : Tellier

Instrument : Cello


Etude Andante piu lento - AE

Thumb image for Etude Andante piu lento

Composer : Thaler

Instrument : Cello


Etude Risoluto - AE

Thumb image for Etude Risoluto

Composer : Thaler

Instrument : Cello


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