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Download free scores of folk and classical songs. Ask us for a free MusicXML and Finale 2010 file of the composition, if you want to transpose a piece. You will need music notation software though.

Download sheet music & midi for piano, organ, accordion, violin, flute, guitar, trumpet, recorder, harp and singers.

Composer No Title Singers MAJ/min Key Info
d'Adhemar 175 Der Seeräuber Basso + pf Eb 3b YouTube
Asioli 22 Arietta Soprano + pf F  1b  
Brahms 116 Cradle Song Mezzo-Soprano + pf C  
Clemens NP 38 Souterliedekens Die Eerste Vreugd TBB Vocal Trio T/Brt/B F  1b A cappella
Dutch Folk 35 Zeg kwezelken wilde gij dansen Soprano + pf D  2#  
German Folk 173 Kinderlied Dornröschen Soprano + pf g  2b  
Hall 109 A Catch - Oyl and Vinegar Tenore C A cappella
Haydn 24 Change thy mind Tenore + pf F  1b  
Henry IV 147 Invocation à l'Amour Tenore + pf Eb 3b  
Latin Songs 51 Io Vivat Tenore + pf G  1#  
Mexican Folk 55 A la puerta del cielo Soprano + pf A  3#  
Mozart 156 Good morrow! Tenore + pf C  
Purcell 108 A Catch - Let us drink Tenore C A cappella
Purcell 99 Dido AEneas When I am laid Soprano + pf g  2b  
Purcell 23 Song from The Indian Queen Soprano + pf A  3#  
Righini 198 Lesbia, live to Love and Pleasure! Tenore + pf G  1#  
Scottish Folk 132 Will ye go to Inverness Tenore + pf F  1b  
Smith 66 Round for three voices Tenore C A cappella
Spanish Folk 88 Las tres hojas Soprano + pf F  1b  
Turner 185 Love unblinded Tenore + pf a  
Weber von 77 Das Veilchen im Thale Soprano + pf Eb 3b  
Weber von 64 Ich sah ein Röschen Tenore + pf F  1b