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Download free scores for recorder. If you're looking for more sheet music that can be played on a recorder, then try our section with music for trumpet. There isn't much difference between the two instruments, at an amateur level.

Download sheet music & midi for piano, organ, accordion, violin, flute, guitar, trumpet, recorder, harp and singers.

Composer No Title Recorder MAJ/min Key Info
Canadian Folk 45 Alouette 2 fl-d • Duo G  1#  
English Folk 78 On Christmas Night G  1# Christmas
Van Eyk 95 Der Fluyten Lust-hof_Preludium D Dor  
French Folk 18 Dans les jardins d'mon père F  1b  
Italian Folk 89 Carnival of Venice 2 fl-d • Duo G  1#  
Kelley 148 Home on the range C  
Scottish Folk 168 Craigie Burn 2 fl-d • Duo G  1#  
Spanish Folk 57 Ríu, ríu, chíu 2 fl-d • Duo D  Dor Christmas
Stanley 195 Minuet 2 fl-d • Duo C  
Susato 69 Musyck boexken_La Mourisque 2 fl-d • Duo C  
USA Folk 16 The old white cockade C