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Browse the archive by composer. The names are alphabetically listed. On this page you'll find composer names that start with S, T or U. Franz Schubert is world's most notable and prolific composer of songs, but he also wrote a lot of excellent instrumental music. The Berceuse by Satie was originally written for piano, but Rowy managed to write a subtle version for harp. Don't forget to try the Scottish folk music as well. Who doesn't like Auld lang syne?

Download sheet music & midi for piano, organ, accordion, violin, flute, guitar, trumpet, recorder, harp and singers.

Composer No Title Instrument MAJ/min Key Info
Satie 98 Berceuse Folk Harp a  
Sattler 17 Andante in A Minor Piano a  
Schubert 188 Am Brunnen vor dem Tore 2 Chit Guitar Duo D  2#  
Schubert 62 Ave Maria 2 fl Flute Duo C  
Schubert 92 Hommage aux belles Viennoises Accordion G  1#  
Schubert 76 Ländler in G Folk Harp G  1#  
Schubert 43 Moment Musical Opus 94 No 3 Piano f  4b YouTube
Schumann 84 The happy farmer Guitar E  4#  
Scottish Folk 34 Auld lang syne Accordion F  1b  
Scottish Folk 168 Craigie Burn 2 fl-d Recorder Duo G  1#  
Scottish Folk 07 Hurrah Bonnets of Blue Flute C  
Scottish Folk 81 New Years Day Accordion F  1b  
Scottish Folk 08 Rose s Fancy Flute d  1b  
Scottish Folk 09 The Hills of Glenorchy Flute a  
Scottish Folk 183 The Merry Dancers Folk Harp G  1#  
Scottish Folk 132 Will ye go to Inverness T Tenore + pf F  1b  
Silcher 181 Lorelei Guitar A  3#  
Silcher 187 Morgen muss ich fort von hier Guitar A  3#  
Simons 138 Prelude Violin c  3b  
Smith 66 Round for three voices Tenore C A cappella
Spanish Folk 88 Las tres hojas Soprano + pf F  1b  
Spanish Folk 57 Ríu, ríu, chíu 2 fl-d Recorder Duo D  Dor Christmas
Spohr 204 Minuet Violin Duo g  2b  
Stanley 195 Minuet 2 fl-d Recorder Duo C  
Stolze 113 In dich hab ich gehoffet, Herr SP Organ a Senza pedale
Susato 203 Gaillard My heart is wounded tr cor trb Brass Trio C  Dor  
Susato 69 Musyck boexken_La Mourisque 2 fl-d Recorder Duo C  
Susato 202 Rondo My friend tr cor trb Brass Trio D  Dor  
Telemann 60 Minuet Violin Duo e  1#  
Tschaikowsky 196 Polka Accordion Bb 2b  
Tuczek 103 The quarrel Guitar a  
Turner 185 Love unblinded Tenore + pf a  
USA Folk 16 The old white cockade Recorder C