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Browse the archive by composer. The names are alphabetically listed. On this page you'll find composer names that start with P, Q or R. One of the composers whose name starts with an R is Christian Rinck, a German composer and organist of the late classical and early romantic eras. Henry Purcell however is more famous. Listen to a moving song from Dido AEneas When I am laid (in earth).

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Composer No Title Instrument MAJ/min Key Info
Pergolesi 192 Eia, Mater, Fons Amoris (Stabat Mater) Piano c  3b  
Ponzio 133 Cadenze 12 de Motetti T/B Recorder Duo C  
Purcell 108 A Catch - Let us drink T Tenore C A cappella
Purcell 99 Dido AEneas When I am laid S Soprano + pf g  2b  
Purcell 23 Song from The Indian Queen S Soprano + pf A  3#  
Rinck 27 Andante in F Major Organ F  1b  
Rowy van Hest 217 Music Box Ballerina Piano g  2b  
Rowy van Hest 216 Sad Old Witch Piano d  1b  
Rowy van Hest 215 Spring Piano A  3#  
Rowy van Hest 82 Music for Christmas Violin G  1# Christmas
Rowy van Hest 102 Lullaby Guitar C