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Browse the archive by composer. The names are alphabetically listed. On this page you'll find composer names that start with J, K or L. There are not many famous composers whose names start with a J, K or L, but composers such as Anatoly Lyadov deserve no less attention.

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Composer No Title Instrument MAJ/min Key Info
Kelley 148 Home on the range Recorder C  
Kirchner 149 Easy Piece No 1 Piano Eb 3b  
Kjerulf 205 Last Night Violin Duo D  2#  
Kling 169 Andante Maestoso Trumpet Duo G  1#  
Kling 141 The Hunt 2 tr Trumpet Duo C  
Knaebel 176 Galopade 2 fl Flute Duo G  1#  
Kotter 131 Prelude in Fa Organ F  Lyd Senza pedale
Kullak 129 Cradle Song Accordion F  1b  
di Lasso 155 Christ ist erstanden Organ d  1b  
Latin Songs 51 Io Vivat T Tenore + pf G  1#  
Leclair 145 Sarabande in D Minor Piano d  1b  
Liadov 179 Canon Largo Piano C  3b  
Liadov 130 Prelude Largo Piano bb 5b  
Liadov 85 Prelude Lento Piano d  1b  
Liszt 112 Little Piano Piece No 3 in G Piano G  1#  
Liszt 110 Little Piano Piece No 4 in G Piano G  1# YouTube
Lohet 182 Fuga Organ C  
Losy 165 Policinello Guitar d  1b